Wednesday, 22 June 2016

I get the joke. (I think.)

I've decided that the whole Dark MOFO arts festival here in Hobart is actually a rather clever practical joke.   This is for three reasons:
(1) The first reason is found in the name of the festival itself, given the meaning of "mofo" in American slang.  It's actually very funny hearing all these solemn artsy types tossing around an X-rated insult originating in gangsta rap, just because it's in the name of a major arts festival.

(2) Another clue is found in the fact that the festival culminates in a mass nude swim in the early morning, during what's reliably the coldest week of the year in Hobart.  This, in itself, should just scream "practical joke!!!" at everyone.

(3) The fact that convinced me that the whole thing was a gigantic practical joke was that, this year, all the earnest-looking statues of 19th century worthies in the middle of Ye Olde Hobart Towne were covered in what looked to be giant pink condoms for the festival.  The sight was Monty Pythonesque in the extreme.

I've decided that Dark MOFO (smirk once again at name) is a brilliant parody of every arts festival anywhere in the world that's tempted to take itself just a little bit too seriously.  Essentially Dark MOFO (chuckle) is the whole Ern Malley / "Angry Penguins" schtick, revisited and on steroids, only developed as an annual event.

I'm not sure if anyone else has got the joke, but I get the joke. 

Congratulations to the Colourful Berriedale Arts Identity who pulled it off.

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