Friday, 26 January 2018

Thoughts on the afternoon of 26th January.

It's a bit after 2:00 in the afternoon of the 26th of January, whether one calls today Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day, Bogan Awareness Day, New South Wales Day, or simply the 26th of January.

Two thoughts come to mind.

One thought is that I'm glad that I won't have to endure more diatribes in newspaper letters-to-the-editor pages (at least until a little bit after New Year's Day next year) from members of the "Conspiracy Theory-of-the-Month Club", as they mumble into their morning gins-and-tonics about their shock and horror over suggestions for a more inclusive date for Australia's national day.

The other thought is that I need to prepare myself for a week or so of reading uninformed comments in the same letters-to-the-editor pages complaining about people who were honoured either in the Order of Australia or the Australian of the Year Awards for service to the community undertaken as part of their regular employment.  (By the way, congratulations to all who were honoured this week as part of either the Order of Australia or Australian of the Year awards, whether the award was for volunteer work or for service to the community as part of your "day job".)

It's enough to make a bloke want to eat a hot-cross bun before the beginning of Lent.

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