Wednesday, 11 July 2018

“How many are out now?”

“How many are out now?”

For most of us, over the past few days, when that simple question was asked, no further clarification was needed.

“How many are out now?” referred to the twelve boys of the Wild Boars soccer team and their coach, trapped underground in a cave near Chiang Rai, Thailand.

There was a loud collective gasp of relief which seemed to be heard around the globe as the last of the Wild Boars were out of the cave.

Well done to all the Thai and international participants in the rescue efforts. 

There were moments of tragedy in the rescue.  A volunteer diver (a former Thai Navy SEAL) died in the process of trying to assist the boys.  The Australian doctor who cared for the team after they were found in the cave learned soon after getting out of the cave about his father’s death.

Nevertheless, there was a strong affirmation of our shared humanity in this whole experience.

People of widely differing faiths prayed for the same group of kids.  The same God heard the various prayers, whatever the faiths of those praying.

It was a point of interest that the boys in the Wild Boars team included some stateless refugee children from the country known as Myanmar by its government (and as Burma still by many of its people).  This is an interesting idea:  Giving refugee children the opportunity to play soccer and to explore caves (even with the risks involved) sounds like a much better idea than locking them up to demonstrate just how hairy-chested the politicians can be.

Anyway, how many are out now?

All thirteen.

You little beauty!!!

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