Monday, 13 May 2013

Uniting Church people and light globes

(Please adapt this to your own denomination, if applicable.)

How many Uniting Church members does it take to change a light globe?
  • Eight to develop a strategic plan.
  • Seventeen to arrive at consensus.
  • One to complain to Synod that he didn't give permission to change the globe, even though his great-grandfather donated the original globe in 1904.
  • One to complain to the National Trust on the grounds that it was the oldest light globe in continuous use anywhere in the state.
  • Twenty-five to hold a thanksgiving service for the old globe (and singing "God gives us a future ...").
  • Eighteen to hold a dedication service for the new globe (and again singing "God gives us a future ...").
  • Thirty-eight to review the change at six-month, eighteen-month, and five-year intervals.
  • Twenty-three to leave the congregation because something in the process irritated them.
 Oh, and I nearly forgot, someone to actually change the light globe.

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