Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A funny thing happend on the way ...

For much of last year, I kept saying that "My plans for next year include writing a blog."  Well, here it is, early January of 2013, and I'm starting this blog.

I suppose this makes me a "blogger".  I don't know about you, but to me "blogger" sounds a bit like a rude Cockney insult, as in the statement "He's a right blogger, that one, innit?"  It sounds like the sort of term you'd use to cast simultaneous aspersions on a person's honesty, integrity, ethics, morals, intelligence, taste, solvency, and hygiene.

Anyway, so much for my opening stand-up schtick.  And there will be some schtick in these blogs, because I like schtick.

The title of this blog sounds like some stand-up schtick, "A funny thing happened on the way ...". You may ask, "On the way ... to where?"  Don't worry if I don't answer that question.  Perhaps being "on the way" is more important than any final destination.  In any event, funny things sometimes happen on the way ... even when the way is very serious.

Anyway, I'd better introduce myself.  For those who don't know me, my name is Bob Faser.  (For those who do know me, my name is also Bob Faser.)  I'm a minister in the Uniting Church in Australia and an ecumenical staffer.  I live in Hobart, Tasmania.  I grew up in the States, and sometimes I'm called a "recovering Yank".

Sometimes this blog will be about ecumenical or interfaith issues.  Sometimes this blog will be about issues of theology, ministry, or spirituality.  Sometimes this blog will be about politics, or popular culture, or the arts, or life in general.  Sometimes, this blog will just be about funny things, perhaps even just some schtick because, as I said, I like schtick.

Anyway, there's the introduction.  Now for some serious blogging ... or at least some serious schtick.

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