Saturday, 19 January 2013

"There will be snow on the mountain tonight ..."

After a few theological posts, here's a joke I like.

For those who like a joke to have a "moral", the moral of this joke is "If you live in a small community, your neighbours may know more of your business than you really would like."

During the Second World War, a German spy was sent to a small town in Ireland.  He needed to find his local contact.  He knew two things:  the man's name was Patrick O'Shea, and the password when they made contact with each other was "There will be snow on the mountain tonight."

He went first to the local pub and asked the man behind the bar if he knew a Patrick O'Shea.

"Well, sir, that is an interesting question.  The O'Sheas come from this area.  And Patrick is a popular name in Ireland, because of the saint and all that.  As a result, there are no fewer than nineteen Patrick O'Sheas in this town.  The mayor's name is Patrick O'Shea, as is also the case with the headmaster, the parish priest, the vicar, the policeman, and the undertaker.  And, if you want to be pedantic about it, my name is Patrick O'Shea."

The spy thought a bit and he decided to confirm if the barman was his Patrick O'Shea.  "There will be snow on the mountain tonight," he said.

"Oh, you're looking for Patrick O'Shea the spy."

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