Saturday, 12 January 2013

A man walked into a confessional ...

Following my serious post a few days ago, here's one of my favourite religious jokes.  I hope you like it.

A man walked into a confessional.  He told the priest that it was ages since his last confession.  He was an acrobat in the circus, and rarely had the opportunity to get to a church when a priest was available.

The priest said he hadn't been to the circus since he was a little boy.

"After my confession, would you like to see my act?"

"Why not!"

After the confession, they left the confessional, and the acrobat started his act ... right there in the church:  somersaults, cartwheels, handsprings, ending with some trapeze action on a chandelier, a triple back flip, and a perfect two-point landing on the back of a pew.

A group of elderly ladies was watching this from the back of the church.  One said to her friends, "If that's the sort of penance he's giving today, I'm coming back when he's in a better mood!"

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